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Wake up manufacturers! This is customer calling! #EuGunban #NoLube

    This is a tweet I sent to Beretta. If you check your favorite brand,you will see that almost nobody is adressing the issue of #EuGunban! We write and write and talk and talk and those peole… Read More

EU wants psychological screening of all gun owners #EuGunban #NoLube

Some of you may remember the outcry in 2015 when the first proposal for the fire arm regulations of the EU Commission was published. One of the major points of disagreement was the medical tests for gun owners…. Read More

#EUgunban / Swiss Perspective @MolonLabeCH

Many thanks to DOOM for sharing this great document!     I’m a Swiss citizen, in Switzerland we say „citizen soldier“, one of 8 million. You think you know my country ? Our political system ? Our state… Read More

The anti gun angels #EUGunban #EUCommission #NoLube

  Gun owners are not necessarily nasty but at least very wrong in their opinions. We don`t see the greater good. We don`t realize how many lifes we end with our hobby. How many children we kill each… Read More

It`s the conscience, stupid! #EUGunban #Vicky Ford #EUCommission

Mrs. Vicky Ford said that one has to find majorities in order to progress in parliaments work. That sounds good and true but it accepts a wrong premiss. The assumption is that all ideas and suggestions are good… Read More

Sheep to the slaughter! #Selfdefense #EuGunban

Here is a letter I have sent to the minister of the interior of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It reads: Dear Sir, I was quite speechless when I came to know through a DPA-message that… Read More

#EuGunban How to write a letter

GRA, the German Rifle Association, is a grass root movement of gun owners. Right at the beginning of the fight against the EU plans to ban guns, they published a very helpful paper of how to write letters… Read More

#EuGunban Whom to write?

To whom should you write letters and e-mails and why? I divided the consignees in two groups. Politicians and journalists. Why should you write to them? The politicians need to know what you think. If you don`t tell… Read More

Divided we fall, together we screw them! #EuGunban #NoLube

After some months into the blogging, I realize that more and more people from abroad are looking at my articles. Thanks! But…I was also realizing that for most of you abroad people it must be quite painful to… Read More

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