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Divided we fall, together we screw them! #EuGunban #NoLube

After some months into the blogging, I realize that more and more people from abroad are looking at my articles. Thanks! But…I was also realizing that for most of you abroad people it must be quite painful to read via Google Translator and secondly the topics are very German. Whatever I write about #EuGunban is of course from a German perspective. I want to change that. With “Cylinder International” I want to write in a more general way regarding gun rights and self defense issues. I never was a gun activist. In fact I owned a single revolver for almost 20 years and never felt under gunned or the urge to start shooting different disciplines. The EU gun ban drive changed all that. I had just started shooting clays a year before the EU announced its plan to literally take away all semi auto weapons from civilians and restrict the  hand gun caliber to .22L.R. only. First thing I did was ordering a Glock 34 and next year by this time, I will be the proud owner of an AR 15 and a semi auto shot gun (procedures take ages in Germany).

I am not doing this because I hope to fight oncoming laws. I know that Brussels will never have the guts to declare a ban on  weapons allready legally owned by people and pay hefty compensations to their owners after confiscating them.

Because the gun ban is nothing but a left wing agenda, a „my little pony dream“ of total control. If these weapons were so dangerous, they would already have been forbidden. For a mere agenda even EU bureaucrats shy to waste tax payer`s money for fear of media wrath.

And that is the good news. It is nothing but false allegations and accusations. Hundreds of thousands of Euros have been spent to proof that we gun owners are a dangerous, criminal and lunatic group of extremists that need to be jailed or at least bereft of their weapons. They couldn`t do it. Their own surveys spoke a completely different language. This is why Mrs. Malmström (god may grant her an early retirement), had to stop her own phone polls because the results were not as anti gun as she wished.

And then we had the terrorist attacks in Paris.  People have been killed with illegal, fully auto assault rifles and the EU needed only 5 days to blame you and me for it.

Me, of all people, who owned a six shot revolver and a cheap over/under shot gun from Turkey. I felt angry, discriminated, unfairly treated and sad. I was frustrated when I asked my shooting federation for any kind of action plan and they had none. I felt desperate when I realized that the majority of my fellow shooters hadn`t heard anything of the planned ban even 2 months after its announcement. That was the time when I decided to speak to them myself. To contact clubs and speak to the members at meetings. I became more active on social media and forums. And finally decided to try my own blog. I dug deeper and deeper into the arguments of the anti gunners and was looking for help over the pond. And I found astonishing things. Most of the weird arguments we heard did in fact come from the U.S. For example, the Greens in Germany demanded a four week “cool off” period before you could purchase a hand gun. What sense does that make in a country like Germany, where the “cool off” for the first gun allowance is more than 12 months?

The anti gunners are internationally organized. Mainly through the infamous IANSA of the UN. European politicians seem to be quite lazy and simply repeat arguments that don`t make sense but at least have a CONTEXT in the U.S. While having no connection with any European laws.

But it means we also have to become globally connected and organized. We need to exchange our experiences. What is going on in Greece? What is the main “shtick” of the lefts in Spain? Sometimes a notorious anti gunner is already well known in his country but first ignored by other European gun right activists because they never heard of him or her on the European stage.

Another issue is to get to know what the gun laws are in other countries. With my involvement in the matter I came to know that I can buy a muzzle loader revolver in Poland as an adult, while the same requires a license in Germany. On the other hand I can buy a pump action shot gun in Germany (license required of course), but the same is illegal in Austria.

The gun ban is brought to us under the flag of being a part of the European thrive to unify all our laws. It is not enough if we just fight it in those parts which affect us in our home countries. On the contrary! Why has a French restrictions on the number of cartridges he buys, but I don`t? Why can 7% of the Czech gun owners get a carry permit but I can`t? Why can a Greek not have a rifle but all others can? In the name of equalizing laws we must push back and demand the same freedoms our neighbors have!

The EU tries to squash us with their professional apparatus, the hundreds of NGOs to back their agenda and the legal right to dictate laws to the member states. As European and international as the attack on our rights and our life style is, so European and united must our answer be.

Divided we fall, together we will screw them so hard  they will curse the day when they tried to push a law in 6 weeks through all chambers. Let`s show them clearly that we have enough. We will no longer be their scape goat!

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7 Comments on “Divided we fall, together we screw them! #EuGunban #NoLube

  1. A fantastic statement. Please make sure to promote your english site in this blog so we won’t miss its launch.

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  3. A little comic relief, but true story:
    My friend and I love hunting. One day, we bumped into 2 ladies who we knew from the diplomatic circles in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. The two dames were associated with members of the Royal Court and typical westernized snobs. They asked us what we were up to and we stold them we just returned from a duck-hunt. What? – one exclaimed you shoot those cute birds? Well, my friend asked, don’t you like to eat toast duck (which the Asians really do)?
    Of course, they answered. So, I go: where do you get them?
    In the large supermarkets, they replied. My friend dryly: So we are the lions and you are the hyenas. We let them stand with a really stupid look on their faces. It cost us our knighthood, LOL

  4. „Why can 7% of the Czech gun owners get a carry permit but I can`t?“

    Where did you get this number? Roughly 70% (seventy percent) Czech gun owners have CC license, not 7

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