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EU wants psychological screening of all gun owners #EuGunban #NoLube

Some of you may remember the outcry in 2015 when the first proposal for the fire arm regulations of the EU Commission was published. One of the major points of disagreement was the medical tests for gun owners. We all knew exactly what was meant by that, despite an Alain Alexis trying to fool us with his fabricated story of a jogger been shot by a hunter because the hunter had bad eye sight. He wanted to convince us that it was all about blood pressure, eye sight and a general checkup.

After a while, after massive protests from gun owners, we were told that this was now a mere “can “ or “ might” regulation. Meaning: if a member state really didn`t want to implement it they wouldn`t have to. April fool! The “compromise” between the people, represented by members of the EU parliament and the commission, representing itself, now contains a wording that leaves one speechless.


7b) Member States should ensure that an effective system is implemented for monitoring the acquisition and possession of firearms. That system, which could be continuous or non-continuous, should be based on an assessment of relevant medical and psychological information upon the issuance or renewal of an authorization or on an effective alternative system of continuous monitoring taking into account the risks concerned and any relevant indications, for example from medical personnel, that the conditions for allowing possession may no longer be met.


This means that every gun owner, at least once in his life, has to undergo a psychological screening.

The second highlighted part wants medical personnel to report your psychological condition to the authorities if you are a gun owner. Now you might think:

Why should anybody be so stupid to admit gun ownership at the doctor´s? Exactly. Wouldn`t this require a central data base of loony people? Nut base 2.0? How else could your police or county check if you had a medical condition? And a gun? Either doctors have to be enabled to see if you own a gun or the authorities must be able to check if you are mental. Very encouraging for gun owners to seek medical help.

Check out what I wrote to Vicky Ford a year ago. Talk to your fellow gun owners and write to your representative in parliament. And despite all the bad news, try to stay sane!

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One Comment on “EU wants psychological screening of all gun owners #EuGunban #NoLube

  1. Ich hätte im Gegenzug gerne, daß sich jeder Politiker auf seinen Geisteszustand untersuchen lassen muß. Soziopathen, Psychopathen, Narzissten, Weltfremde und sonstige psychisch Auffällige (nach IDC-10 oder DSM V) werden daraufhin umgehend in die entsprechenden geschlossenen Institute zur Behandlung überführt.

    Ich tippe auf ein politikerfreies Europa …

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