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#EuGunban How to write a letter

GRA, the German Rifle Association, is a grass root movement of gun owners. Right at the beginning of the fight against the EU plans to ban guns, they published a very helpful paper of how to write letters and to whom. The basics of what you are going to read have already been published on their page in German. I only provide my own thoughts on it and a translation.

I already posted “whom to write”, so this is a more technical approach and a “how to write”.


  1. Be polite. You want to be taken seriously, so don´t insult your reader. Nobody wants to read on when he is called names.
  2. Be short. It is enough to write one A4 page. Most people lose patience. If you fear you might lose out to those few who would indeed like to read more, you can split you message. Write a short introduction and create a PDF. Some people might be reluctant though to open mail attachments. Which supports the next point.
  3. Write a letter. Still a very powerful way of communicating. Letters are less likely to be ignored, especially hand written letters. Also imagine a politician getting 300 letters or 300 e-mails in a day. Which one looks more impressive?
  4. If you have many different points you want to get across, why not write several mails which you send over the period of a week or two?
  5. If you use E-mail, put news papers, TV and radio stations in CC. You want the media to know what is going on! Put you shooting friends in the BCC. Let them know what you do and encourage them to join the fight.
  6. Don`t be disappointed with the answers. Most likely you won`t get an answer and if so it will be made up of text modules. But be the more enthusiastic when you receive a real answer! Try to get into a serious conversation with the sender to get your point across.


Here is a list of all members of the EU-Parlemnt https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bLxeCqR_iZYJCxRChQTVZuMK49KQoJsywp9hXpOtrtY/edit?usp=sharing








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