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#EuGunban Whom to write?

To whom should you write letters and e-mails and why?

I divided the consignees in two groups. Politicians and journalists.

Why should you write to them? The politicians need to know what you think. If you don`t tell them that you are against the gun ban, who would be telling them? The whole day they have to listen to a variety of hundreds, LITERALLY hundreds of NGOs who are against guns. If they hear the whole day  guns are bad and people legally owning them bloodthirsty monsters, they assume that the majority of people think that. Also if none of the monsters is protesting, maybe they are silent out of shame? Maybe the accusations aren`t that wrong? Isn`t it obvious that the NGOs are right because no gun owner can proof them wrong?

There is a second group of politicians. Those who claim to be pro gun and advocating your rights as a gun owner. Some of them are great! No doubt, there are real fighters for our case. But some of them need to be reminded. Especially before elections and right after elections. Make clear to them that you voted for them only because of this one issue and that you have no problem changing your loyalty if they are not loyal to you.


Journalists need to know your opinion. Journalist are often caught in a bubble in kind of parallel reality. An indication for this are news presented to you on TV or radio with a hint that these are wildly discussed on Twitter. Well, since you are reading my blog, you seem to use the internet frequently and maybe you have indeed a Twitter account. But do your friends? Your colleagues, your spouse, your parents? Most probably you know very few people who have a Twitter account. But journalists do. And politicians and rock stars and in general “media persons”.

Now bear with me a little longer, it is worth it.

Now let us assume you are a journalist. Chances are that you are 75% voting for the left (TU Berlin survey). You start following politicians on Twitter. You don`t want to be biased so you pick 10 conservatives, 10 right wings, 10 greens, 10 social democrats and 10 far lefts. Another 50 persons you follow are other journalists, especially the famous ones. Now assume there is a new gun ban proposal from the greens. The far right will protest it at once! The conservatives promise to try to keep the impact on legal gun owners as small as possible. The left and far left support it whole heartedly as do your journalist friends and yourself. Now look again at the numbers. They mean that 80% of the people you follow, including yourself, find the idea great. 10% find it O.K. but want some small changes and only 10% don`t like them. Since you don`t like the far right anyways, how serious can it be what they say? In your micro Twitter cosmos, 90% are in favor of a gun ban.

Are 90% of the population in your country for a gun ban? NO! If you start asking around I am quite sure you will find the same proportions more or less in your environment as I found in mine. 10% are anti gun, 10% are pro gun and 80% don`t give a damn about guns. But for the journalist 90% of the people he gets in contact with are anti gun. His whole world is anti gun. Why should you write to somebody who is so biased? Well, because the journalist is not existing in space. He has a job, he has to provide content for his publisher. In Germany 99% of published anti gun articles are technically wrong. They mix up carry permits and gun license, they mix up semi auto and full auto, they mix up restricted guns and bang guns. Statistics are represented wrongly or ignored etc. etc. All of that of course with a very mean and discriminating way of describing gun owners. In the past, German gun owners ran for cover and hoped that the published shit storm would move on and leave them alone. Today an anti gun article receives hundreds of e-mails. And it does have an effect! Imagine you are the editor in chief of a news paper. After publishing an anti gun article you get hundreds of e-mails. Now you think, that of course there are always people with a different opinion but then you realize that your journalist got the facts wrong. Imagine this is happening again and again. And imagine that most journalists today are free lancers. The amount of research and effort to get the facts right and the gun laws right is not worth the money you get for your 500 words article. And now something wonderful is happening! As gun owners we WANT the facts to get out! We want journalists to exactly report the facts as they are. We have nothing to fear, we are not the murdering psychopaths. We could see in Germany over the last weeks that articles about guns became more fact based which turned them into really neutral article. Of course you can not expect a left leaned media as “Der Spiegel” to become pro gun over night but we have seen the change from “anti gun” to “neutral”.

So, have you seen changes like this in your country? What is the mood in your main stream press?

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