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It`s the conscience, stupid! #EUGunban #Vicky Ford #EUCommission

Mrs. Vicky Ford said that one has to find majorities in order to progress in parliaments work. That sounds good and true but it accepts a wrong premiss. The assumption is that all ideas and suggestions are good and just and political views merely fine tune the outcome. What if the proposal is not good and just?  What if I suggest to come over and move into your house. Would we negotiate which rooms I can have and which ones are yours and which ones we both use? No, of course not. You would tell me that my suggestion is totally unacceptable. Not so with the EU gun ban. Vicky Ford, God bless her tireless work on it, fell for the wrong conclusion that the EU commission suggested something which had an inherent benefit for Europe, for the people and for the gun owners. In more rustic words, she is still trying to feed us feces which smell little less than before and doesn`t understand that no matter how well prepared and wrapped and served it is, nobody wants to eat shit. The commission came into our garden lowered its pants and wanted to pass defecation on our lawn. Instead of smacking the commission on its naked buttocks the MEPs inside the committees started to negotiate how much the commission wanted to pass and if it really had to be the front lawn or if we could find a more discrete place in the back yard. When we said we don`t want anybody to relieve themselves on our garden, we were called stubborn, backward and insensitive to the subject. We were told that our garden was exactly the right place because somebody else had done terrible things. After one year of negotiations the commission now started to yell and demand to crap all over the place and instead of telling the commission to behave and go home, the MEPs are still trying to find a place.

When a crappy idea is presented you shouldn`t shy from calling it exactly this. Point to the smell and say “NO”.

And the job of an MEP is NOT to find majorities, it is to follow her conscience. Only the most stubborn MEPs can still believe this proposal will solve anything. Unfortunately the majority seems to think like Mrs. Ford, that at least SOME compromise has to be found. In many cases in life there is no compromise, no middle way. We don`t compromise to have a little racism. We don`t compromise to have some sexual abuse. Why should we compromise on being called terrorists and a risk for public safety?

Let us teach them a lesson. Ask your MEPs if they still follow their conscience or are just puppets of the commission, elected only by the people to nod through whatever they are presented.

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