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Mail an Robert Taylor

Dear Mr. Taylor

Since I am being asked as a citizen to give my opinion on the EU firearms draft (Im Zuge der Aktion „Help us improve the EU), I will happily do so.


  1. I think it is a helpful venture to standardize markings for weapons in Europe


  1. A standard for deactivated weapons, so they can not be reconverted into fire arms is of course needed. I suggest to simply copy the German rules on this.


  1. A standard on blank guns, so they can not be reconverted into fire arms is of course needed. I suggest to simply copy the German rules on this.


  1. I find it very clever of the commission to start with “bad black guns” (B7) and after being turned down on the reason that the appearance of a gun is no criteria for how dangerous it is, they now start discussing other criteria which should be used to ban semiautomatic long arms. Semiautomatic long arms play no role at all in the criminal statistics of Europe. Therefore there is no need to change anything. These weapons are no problem so they should not artificially be treated as such.


  1. Regarding the psychological or generally called “medical” test, I would like to know: What evidence is there that weapon owners are more likely to develop a psychological condition than others? Are there any studies which show that weapon owners are more prone to mental diseases? If not, no such thing should be implemented since it is a harassment for the gun owners.


  1. A temporary gun license doesn`t create more safety for anybody. It serves purely the purpose of making gun ownership less and less attractive since another risk and burden shall be implemented. It is a risk for the gun owner since he has no security on how long he will own a certain fire arm for which he paid a lot of money. Even more so if several fire arms are owned. There is absolutely no need to introduce this.


  1. There is no such thing as a dark net market operated by legal gun owners. If I want to sell a gun today to a gun owner, he has to proof that he is allowed to buy it and I have to report the sale to my authorities as he has to report the purchase to his. As a seller my interest is naturally very high to report to my authorities since I don`t want to be held reliable for a gun I don`t own anymore. The buyer has to report to his authorities so he doesn`t violate the law which his authorities will come to know very quickly after my authorities report my sale to him to his authorities. For several other fire arms there is an allowance necessary BEFORE one can buy it, even if one already has a gun license. For a gun owner there is no way how to sell his legally possessed fire arm illegally without being caught. So why change this at all?
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