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Mail an Vicky Ford

Dear Mrs. Ford

I`d like to thank you very much for your tireless efforts in improving the firearm directive as proposed by the commission.

I do understand how much work you have put into this and I really do feel obliged.

Unfortunately for me as a shooter the biggest issue of all is still in the proposal.

I don`t own a B7, or a pump gun or anything else deemed “very dangerous” by people with no knowledge about guns.

I own a simple revolver and a shot gun. I guess one of the last things that will be prohibited.

Nevertheless, I will have to give up shooting if the new rules are implemented. I simply cannot risk failing a dubious medical test which I would have to attend to keep my license. In Germany these test already exist for people who repeatedly do wrong things in traffic or are caught completely drunk driving. The vast majority of these people is of course not insane or psychologically sick. Nevertheless they fail the test in the first and maybe the second attempt. Because these test are, as all psychological tests, only as good as the person performing it on the patient. What happens if I fail such a test?  If I am deemed not reliable enough for a weapon, definitely my driving license is gone too.

Maybe only until I can have a second try at the test but that usually takes 4-6 weeks. I live on the country side, how will I get to work in that time?

Who will pay me in that time? Why should my employer bare this situation every five years or three years or every year?

What if I am a person working in a sensitive field? A Bus driver, a doctor, a pilot, a Kindergarten teacher a police officer, a soldier? The authorities will have to inform my employer of course.

What sane person will risk his job, his existence for a hobby?


Was that the intention? To make it so unbearable for weapon owners that they quit the hobby?

Shooting will lose exactly those people who are no risk and no thread at all: the responsible ones. As a father and husband I cannot risk my family`s wellbeing for my sport.

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