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Sheep to the slaughter! #Selfdefense #EuGunban

Here is a letter I have sent to the minister of the interior of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

It reads:

Dear Sir,

I was quite speechless when I came to know through a DPA-message that you allegedly said

 “ There is no reason at all to arm yourself. In general I advise strongly against training of self-defense techniques.”

You advise people not to defend themselves when they are attacked? You counsel people to forfeit their right to live and be unharmed? For what reason? Why do you prefer victims that can`t defend themselves?

Would you also advise citizens not to have fire extinguishers at home because firefighting is the task of the fire brigade?

Do you counsel people not to train in first aid because medical attention is the job of doctors?

You should be ashamed! Especially keeping in mind the two female joggers killed recently in your state. You should encourage young women to train self-defense. You should work out courses with your police force that show young women how to defend themselves. What more gruesome would have happened if the two women would have been armed? The murderer would have taken their weapons and killed them? How cynical!



I am posting this in the English section mainly to show HOW I send such things.

The recipient of the mail is the ministry. In CC I put two recipients of the opposition parties working in interior politics. In BCC I kept eight news papers from the south.

Do I expect the minister to answer? Maybe. At least maybe a reply from his office with some blabla. Will he change his mind? Probably not but maybe he is more careful in future with what he says. What I do hope is that other people will write to him and the opposition as well and that the opposition sees a topic here to be addressed on a bigger stage. Will it happen? Probably not. But how can I know without trying?


If you try you might lose, if you don`t try you have  lost already!

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3 Comments on “Sheep to the slaughter! #Selfdefense #EuGunban

    • Menschen die körperlich gebrechlich, schwach oder behindert sind trifft es natürlich besonders hart. Und denen sagt Her Strobl ein herzliches „Mir nicht nur egal, mir sogar lieber so.“

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