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So called medical tests and limited permits. The road to hell! #EUGunBan #NoLube

This is an excerpt of a letter I have sent to Dr. Andreas Schwab MEP (CDU)

I am posting this because I have a feeling that most gun owners only see medical tests and limited permits as a nuisance and harassment, which they truly are, without seeing the real danger. The Commission didn`t make those points up to simply annoy us. The goal is a much meaner and more complete one.


What gain in security is expected from a time limited gun license?

The point here is not security. Mr. Alexis said in one of the first meetings that the Commission wants to avoid paying any compensation. And THAT is the core.

If tomorrow a weapon or weapon part which I legally purchased on the basis of a non limited permit is banned, the said can not be taken from me without paying a compensation.

But if a permit is only given with a time limit, the permit will simply not be renewed for this weapon.

The risk is completely with me, since I knew from the beginning that I would only receive permission for a limited time and couldn`t expect owning the weapon for ever. In that way gun laws can be made in any way the legislation wants. They only have to wait until the exiting permits expire and the costs for the government would be zero. No gun owner would have legal certainty for his property for more than 3-5 years under the proposal of the Commission. After that he could lose guns worth tens of thousands of Euros WITHOUT HAVING DONE ANYTHING WRONG!


„Medical Test“

I have sent several mails to Mrs. Ford concerning how these so called “medical tests”, as proposed by the Commission, will severely effect sports for the disabled. But of course the whole thing is not about blood pressure or eye sight as Mr. Alexis wants to make us believe. It is about psychological tests. One of the most controversial sections of medical science. The failure rate for traffic violaters who have to take the test is  50-80% at first trial and around 20% at second trial. Which shows how much a psychological test must lack if it can be learned to pass it.

But let us assume that this test for gun owners is different. It is a true test and the error rate is only 1%. That means that only in 1% of the tested cases the test will show a wrong result and in 99% of cases the test truly reveals the nature and character of the tested. With 15 million gun owners in the EU that would mean that each year 150.000 of them lose their license. Not because anything is wrong with them. Only because no test can be 100% right.

And for those with meaner thoughts: the criteria and procedures can be tuned with no problems. Even today those tests are undertaken by private firms in Germany. The government wouldn`t have to pass any new guidelines or change a law. A simple word from the ministry of interior to the testing firm would be enough to manipulate the failure rate as ones heart desire.

The affected gun owners asking for the criteria of the test can be easily turned down by being told that those of course must stay confidential to ensure the test to be significant.


Also read my letter to Vicky Ford how gun ownership related medical tests can literaly destroy your career.

Share with your friends! Make them understand how dangerous these two points are!


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