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The anti gun angels #EUGunban #EUCommission #NoLube


Gun owners are not necessarily nasty but at least very wrong in their opinions. We don`t see the greater good. We don`t realize how many lifes we end with our hobby. How many children we kill each year. And all because of a hobby. All because we think we need those damn guns. We should listen to the angels of society demanding a ban of these awful guns. Inspiring people, like the president of the commission, Jean-Claude Juncker who`s chances to get arrested after his term are not so small. But, what do I know about tax frauds, money laundering and that stuff. I am a gun owner. I am part of the most law abiding group of our society.

Mrs. Elżbieta Bieńkowska. A stout anti gunner. A beacon in the night for all those tormented by us sport shooters. Well, the prosecutors in Poland think she might have done some frauds with an election.

I don`t know anything about such things. I am a gun owner. I respect the law.


Katja Triebel was put into her place on TV by Volker Beck! Bundesverdienstkreuz awardee, gay rights activist and protector of the people from assault rifles and from gun owners. He has a strong opinion about us hobby terrorists and also about having sex with children. Of course he is against it! At least, since the 90s, before that he wrote some text demanding the decriminalization of pedophile sex because of its global scales  Also he was caught this year with drugs.

Well, either he bought it for somebody else, or we have to assume he is using it himself. How sober was he when he spoke on TV? Was he high at debates? At votings? Can`t say, I am a gun owner I don`t do drugs and if I did, I would lose my license. He didn`t even lose his job. Rightfully I can`t handle a gun with a drug problem, but he can make law.

But these were all politicians. They don`t have an opinion based on technical facts and experience. Jean-Luc Stassen does! As director of the Belgian proof house in Liege he knows exactly how deadly guns are in the hands of ordinary citizens and told MEPs so in an IMCO meeting. Well…former director one should say. He was arrested for selling at least 260 guns on the black market.

I am gun owner, I abide laws. My guns are all registered in multiple data bases. My home is regularly intruded by officials to check on my guns.

Isn`t it astonishing how those angels who serve us from the moral high ground seem to have a completely different set of values? They seem to fly above the law. But they want us to believe that their intentions are good.

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