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Wake up manufacturers! This is customer calling! #EuGunban #NoLube



This is a tweet I sent to Beretta. If you check your favorite brand,you will see that almost nobody is adressing the issue of #EuGunban! We write and write and talk and talk and those peole who make a living out of US seemingly don`t give a damn. Ask them why! Ask your favorite manufacturer why he is so indiferrent.

It is time for them to realize that more restrictions in WEurope also means less sales for them.



Dear Beretta

I am a sport shooter in Germany. You have many interesting products and I was especially interested in your 9mm CX4 Storm. I was, until I, since I was already on your web page beretta.com, looked at your “Beretta World Community” section. Could it be true that you do not mention the EU gun ban at all?

Maybe I should explain myself a bit. I was going to do something for you. I was going to spend a mentionable amount of money on one of your products. But what are you doing for me? For any of us shooters? We need your support in this mad game of EU bureaucrats cutting down our gun rights.

You gave a million dollars to the NRA

How much did you give to the cause in Europe? How do you support our fight to keep our rights, which in the end enables us to buy your products? RUAG has a news letter on their homepage, Helmut Hofmann in Germany has a leaflet for their dealers

Did you even inform your dealers and subsidiaries? Are you providing anything for your dealers?

I would be happy to see that you call your customers to action. To write to their congressman or the EU parliament. Much too often I still hear that all is fine, otherwise the big guys would ask us to do something. You are a big guy, one of the biggest guys in the world, if you could just spare a little fraction of your capabilities to help sport shooters in Europe it would make a huge difference for us.



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2 Comments on “Wake up manufacturers! This is customer calling! #EuGunban #NoLube

  1. Sehr gute Idee! Ich werde mich dieses Wochende mal hinsetzen und möglichst viele Hersteller anschreiben.

    Ich habe noch einige Bedürfnisse frei und möchte spätestens nächstes Jahr mit dem Jagdschein beginnen. Also ich bin ein kaufkräftiger potentieller Kunde. Ich erwarte, dass meine Hersteller sich für meine Belange interessieren!

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